Local Notary Services

I would be happy to be your notary, but in the interest of saving your time, I want you to know that:
  • With the exception of bedside notarizations, I do not notarize vehicle titles.
  • You must pay my fee before I make the trip.
  • I prefer Zelle, but I also accept PayPal. PayPal charges around 3% extra, and if you use it to pay me, then you must also pay the fee.
  • Someone who is not being notarized must pay me (I can explain).
  • After I make the trip, my fee is not refundable.

Once I know what you need, I will tell you what my fee is. My account ID is my email address: michael@michaelgelman.com

You are simply trying to get a document notarized, but as an NC state official, it is my duty to ensure that the rights of the principal (the person who is being notarized) are protected, and that the laws of our great state are strictly adhered to.

I must always be convinced of the principal's identity. The principal themselves must convince me that #1, they understand what they are signing, and #2, that they are not being pressured in any way to sign. They do not have to explain the document to me, but merely convince me that they understand what they will be signing.

If at any time someone says to me that the principal should not be signing documents for a medical reason, then I will immediately stop what I'm doing. Some examples of medical reasons are dementia, brain injury, or heavy medication.

Regardless of what language your document is in, the portion of the document that I complete must be only in English, as per state statute. Even if your country requires the notarial certificate to be in their own language, North Carolina notaries are prohibited.

Your special situation will in no way affect how I perform my duty. I will not be biased. I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice.

Michael A. Gelman    (828) 253-2263

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I have been a resident of Buncombe County since 1988, a former Boy Scout, volunteer with the Asheville Police Department, and past master of Mount Hermon Lodge #118 A.F.A.M.